Past Life Regression

Past life regression (PLR) is the use of hypnosis to allow the client to recall apparent memories from a previous lifetime.

There are many opinions on whether a PLR experience is indeed the recall of an actual past life.  Perhaps it is a fantasy created by the persons mind, or perhaps it is a recall of information subconsciously received throughout this life, and some people believe that our body cells retain information from parents.

Look at Through Time Into Healing by Dr Brian Weiss – just one of many good books on the topic.

Whatever your beliefs and opinions, PLR continues to fascinate people as more and more information is unearthed.

Have a look at these three accounts, written by my clients entirely on their own initiative and reproduced here, verbatim, with their kind permission, so you can see what a typical PLR session feels like…
Hugo – then beyond     Mary in Ireland     Sarah in 12th Century England

There is little doubt though, that PLR has significant therapeutic value.  Often, a problem in this life (such as an unexplained fear or pain) can be removed by visiting the ‘root cause’ in an apparent past life.

So – what do you think? The vast majority of PLR’s involve quite normal and mundane lives – I have only once come across a famous person.
But this does not make the work any less interesting.
If you are interested in PLR and want to either discuss or experience it for yourself, please email me.