Virus Safety

It is now no longer a legal requirement for a face covering to be worn in therapy sessions, although I am acutely aware that many clients still prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to potential virus transmission.

When coming for an appointment or even when just enquiring, please make your personal preferences known and these will always be respected.

Thankfully, because I have a large therapy room, social distancing can easily be maintained, and to ensure a healthy area in which to work;-

  • After each client, the therapy room, toilet and all relevant equipment is thoroughly cleaned with a EN1500 approved solution
  • There is a foam sanitiser in the therapy room, and we are all invited to use it
  • I rarely touch clients during therapy sessions, and only with their prior permission anyway
  • I use a negative ion generator in the therapy room as this can help to clear the air of particles. Information on these useful bits of equipment can be seen here
  • If I become ill, then without hesitation I will cancel all appointments until further notice
  • All clients will be asked about their state of health and I will not work with a client who I feel poses a risk to me or others

If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact me