Self harming involves the use of sharps like blades and needles to cause physical damage to the body.
It also involves burning, biting and excessive eating and drinking.
It should also include self poisoning, where chemicals like cleaning fluids are ingested to cause internal damage.

So why do people self-harm?
Surely it’s totally illogical for anyone to cause physical and often permanent damage to themselves?

Self-harming is psychologically driven, and like most psychologically driven behaviours it is something that we lose conscious control over – rather like a phobia or a habit like smoking.

And don’t think that it is rare – it isn’t.

When someone self-harms they could be looking for attention, they could be getting an adrenaline rush, they could be punishing themselves or they could be using it as a diversion from other psychological or physical trauma – or using it for other reasons.
It is often linked to depression and anxiety.
It is a complex, psychological condition and potentially very serious.

Hypnotherapy can access the unconscious mind that is responsible for our unconscious / compulsive / impulsive / habitual behaviours, and we can then find the deep reasons for this destructive behaviour.