It is not allowed for me to say that hypnotherapy can have a beneficial effect on cancer, so I won’t.  Hypnotherapists are restricted to talking about working just on the effects of cancer, like pain.

So the objective of this page is to perhaps paint a different perspective of cancer and to allow a discussion on how hypnotherapy could possibly help.

Firstly – just what is cancer?

Our bodies are made up of tiny cells, and these cells wear out and get damaged so need to be continually replaced.
We have cells called stem cells, floating around in our bloodstream, that can be instructed to replace damaged or worn out cells.  Stem cells can be instructed to grow into most types of cells. Cancer is essentially the incorrect growth of these new cells.

That is why cancer often happens at a location of damage, like in the lungs of a smoker or the liver of a heavy drinker, as the body ‘requests’ these floating stem cells to go to the site of damage to grow new cells of the type needed in that location.

Cancer cells need a blood supply, and they need to be ‘accepted’ through a process called angiogenesis, so isn’t it strange that the richest sources of blood, like skeletal muscle and heart muscle, rarely develop cancer tumours.  Is there some background intelligence and control at work here that prevents those important areas from getting cancer?

And an even more radical thought….

Dr Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, showed (in his book The Biology Of Belief) the link between  thought and cell development.  He showed how a directed mind can affect cell development.
So could the unconscious mind directly affect the development of cells, and in particular cancer cells?
Could the unconscious mind therefore cause a cancerous tumour to be broken down, or could the unconscious mind actually cause a cancerous tumour to be created for some reason?

Hypnotherapy accesses the unconscious mind – the part of the mind that controls around 80% of our autonomic body functions.  What a shame that hypnotherapists are not allowed to say that they can work on cancer – what would be the harm in trying?