Stage Hypnosis

Stage hypnosis, as performed by the talented and experienced Paul McKenna, can be entertaining and a fascinating introduction to the power of the unconscious mind.

However – stage hypnosis is not hypnotherapy.

There have been recent TV programmes showing people who have allegedly been adversely affected by poorly conducted stage hypnosis. Ironically, the cure offered in almost all of these cases, was hypnotherapy.

I do not perform stage hypnosis.
In hypnotherapy you are seen in private, and during a totally confidential discussion you will be able to discuss your particular situation in as much detail as you feel comfortable with.

During a hypnotherapy consultation you will be very comfortable and remain in control at all times. The sensation is quite similar to a “daydream” and is perfectly safe with no side effects.

Regression (going back in time to re-experience keys events) is not permitted in stage hypnotism.  However, in the controlled environment of hypnotherapy, and in professional hands, this is a powerful therapeutic tool – as well as a fascinating experience.

Qualified hypnotherapists are members of professional organisations, are highly trained and insured to practice professionally.