Interlife work (also referred to as ‘The Life Between Lives’) involves the use of deep hypnosis to allow a client to recall an apparent existence between their lifetimes – referred to as the interlife.
Martin Richardson trained with one of the pioneers of this work, Dr Michael Newton, in 2006, and for over 7 years was a certified and active member of the Newton Institute, before choosing not to renew his membership at the end of 2014.  Dr Newton’s method is just one way to experience the interlife.  It is important that each session be tailored to each client.

There are many good publications on this topic – have a look at the Books page and scroll down to the Interlife section.

In interlife work, clients can describe their existence between their lifetimes, where past lives can be reviewed, soul acquaintances renewed, future lives planned and life questions answered.
It is a deeply personal place to be, and can be very enlightening.

Have a look at this film created by Rich Martini – it explains a lot.

Each interlife session will typically take between 4 and 5 hours.  Clients are asked to experience at least one quality past life regression with hypnosis beforehand.