Analytical hypnotherapy is simply the use of the hypnotic state to go hunting for the root cause of a particular condition – like a fear or phobia, or an automatic behaviour that is simply not wanted.

Our unconscious mind holds memories of everything that has happened to us, so the unconscious mind knows when, for example, a fear or a phobia first started – and why.

So analytical hypnotherapy involves guiding the client into hypnosis, so that the memories in the unconscious mind can be accessed.
Then, the unconscious mind is asked to find the root cause and to look at those earlier events, and decide if protections put in place then are still relevant today – and if not, then to update them.

Almost all phobias and unwanted behaviours have a root in an earlier event (often within the first 7 years of childhood), and when the unconscious mind (that is creating the phobia as a means of protection) realises that it’s protection is not now necessary – the phobia is either completely removed or drastically reduced.

So analytical hypnotherapy is the art of hunting out root causes, and then updating and reframing their effects – often using ‘this life regression’.

I’m often asked if changing the effect of an earlier event will change the clients character.
No it won’t – but what it will do is to give the client back control of their own behaviour.

So a typical list of things that analytical hypnotherapy could be used for would include;-

  • Phobias – like the fear of spiders, or water, or dogs, or needles….
  • Unexplained physiological conditions – like headaches, or rashes, or IBS…
  • Unwanted automatic behaviours – like OCD, or stuttering…..