Analytical & Regression


We offer a wide range of hypnotherapy services - from breaking the smoking habit, to handling deep-seated behavioural issues, to using regression to find the source of an unwanted behaviour.

In addition, we proactively use hypnosis to strengthen existing abilities in individuals - to perhaps improve their ability at public speaking, or to achieve a sale, or simply to be more aware.

Hypnotism is the science of communication and concentration, utilising the thought process of the individual.  Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of consciousness, in which the individual is awake, alert, and completely in control - very much like the daydream state of mind - conscious, but with the mind focussed elsewhere.

There is no safer medical modality than hypnosis.

If hypnotherapy interests you, for whatever reason, please contact us.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."


Hypno with watch

"Hypnosis is an alternate form of consciousness.
You are not asleep in hypnosis, you are conscious, alert, and in control."